OSL Area Dosimetry

For indoor use

The OSL area dosimeter AWST-OSL-OD 01 is our dosimeter for indoor use to determine the ambient dose equivalent H*(10) for photon radiation. With it, the local dose can be determined comfortably, since you will receive the dosimeter already ready for use.


Source: AWST

The OSL area dosimeter consists of a numbered dosimeter cover, a dosimeter card including two detectors (ceramic BeO detectors) and a plastic scattering body.

The principle of Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) is similar to the principle of Thermally Stimulated Luminescence (TL). Energy in the form of ionizing radiation hits the detector made of BeO and is stored by lifting electrons to higher energy levels. During this process, electrons are trapped in so-called electrical traps until excitation by light occurs again and the electrons fall back to the lower energy base level. This causes the detector to release the stored energy in the form of light, and it is excited to glow. The light output measured with photomultipliers is then a measure of the dose.

The dosimeter is delivered to our customers ready for use and can be attached to the measurement location with the hanger attached. The two radiation-sensitive detectors are in one plane with the hanger. The dosimeter should be suspended so that the main direction of radiation incidence is perpendicular to this plane.

You can also download all information as a flyer in our download section.