Dosimetry in the 21st century

With DosiNet we offer you new and modern possibilities of electronic exchange with AWST. With the help of the DosiNet customer software, which is provided free of charge, the flow of information between you and your dosimetry service (AWST) becomes simpler and more transparent. As a registered customer, you can access and change your data in our administration system in real time. You can view your dosimetric data, e.g. the status of your deliveries or evaluations, with just a few mouse clicks and edit data yourself.

How does it work?

Once you have registered in writing, we will set up an account for you. We will then send you a user ID and password for downloading the free DosiNet software.

Here you can find more information about the terms of use.

With DosiNet you can...
  • Access your data in AWST in real time
  • Create new persons to be monitored and end monitoring
  • Change person master data (e.g., make name changes, enter SSR numbers, make changes to monitoring reason and radiation type information).
  • Perfom assignment of dosimeters to persons
  • Perfom relevant changes to the application area
  • Change operating master data
  • Changes are immediately taken into account in the AWST process

Quick Guide
Overall guidance

Technical Information about DosiNet

DosiNet is a Java application used to communicate directly with the Dosimetry Administration System of the Dosimetry Service (AWST).

DosiNet is based on the latest free version of the Java Runtime Environment 1.8 (JRE) and is shipped with it. It is included or bundled with the installation. The bundled JRE is merely copied to the file system during installation, i.e. no changes are made to the system or to the existing Java settings.

DosiNet is started with the supplied runtime environment. No administrator authorization is required for the installation of DosiNet. The communication between DosiNet and the administration system of AWST takes place via the protocol HTTPS, an encrypted connection on the standard port 443.

DosiNet by itself does not save any data from the management system on the computer on which it is executed. Special protection of the computer or the program is not necessary.

Installation help for DosiNet can be found here.

Download the free DosiNet software

Download the free DosiNet software here!