Supervisory Authorities

The responsible regulatory authorities are informed at specified times, by telephone or in writing, if the limit values have been exceeded. In addition, detected contamination is reported if no handling of open radioactive substances was indicated and if dosimeters cannot be evaluated.

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 Limit Values

Whole Body Dose Partial Body Dose
Monthly Report > 2mSv
> 1mSv + sex "f"
> 50mSv
Special Report > 6mSv
> 2mSv + sex "f"
> 1mSv + age <18
> 150mSv


Guideline on requirements for monitoring services



Disclosure of personal data

Monitoring services in Germany are obliged to report personal dose results to the responsible supervisory authorities (see above) and to the national dose register (personal data and dose values). The guideline on requirements for monitoring services allows the monitoring services to pass on the personal data and dose values to the saturtory accident isurance insitution if this is necessary for the performance of its tasks.