Pregnant Women Monitoring

What are the monitoring options?
Source: AWST


For monitoring pregnant women, another dosimeter can be worn in addition to the official whole-body dosimeter (OSL dosimeter). Here we offer two options.

One is an electronic personal dosimeter (EPD) , which has a digital display and can be read at any time.


On the other hand, we offer our OSL dosimeters for weekly evaluation. Here, four OSL dosimeters are sent to you, each of which is returned to us as a rush evaluation after one week of wear.

How can I order an electronic personal dosimeter?

Please use our rental contract for electronic personal dosimeters. You can find it in our download area.

How can I order OSL dosimeters for pregnancy monitoring?

The OSL dosimeters for pregnancy monitoring can be easily ordered by e-mail ([email protected]) or DosiNet-message. Please remember to include your company ID (BN0xxxxx; found on our delivery bills as well as result reports) when ordering.

What should be considered when returning OSL dosimeters for pregnancy monitoring?

The return shipment must be clearly labeled on the outside as "Eilauswertung / Urgent evaluation". This is the only way to ensure that the dosimeters are evaluated within 24 hours.