TLD Environmental Dosimetry

The outside area dosimeters used in AWST consist of a 4-element detector card for measuring the environmental dose equivalent H*(10) caused by X-ray, gamma and neutron radiation. Depending on the location, detectors with 6LiF (Mg, Ti) or 7LiF (Mg, Ti) are used.

When ionizing radiation hits the detectors, energy is stored in the detector crystal. By heating, part of this energy is released again in the form of light. The light intensity is a measure of the absorbed radiation.

TLD card type T7
Source: AWST


TLD cards type T7 are used for the determination of the photon area dose in the vicinity of nuclear facilities. The card consists of four elements, which contain only the isotope 7Li and thus are sensitive only to photons.

For the use of TLD cards, you need an H*(10) capsule, which you can conveniently purchase from us. Once the monitoring period is over, the TLD cards is exchanged by the customer itself. The evaluation is performed by us, your dosimetry service (AWST).

TLD card type T6
Source: AWST

TLD cards of type T6 are also used in the environmental monitoring of nuclear facilities, but for the determination of the neutron area dose. The TLD cards are inserted into a polyethylene sphere.

This TLD card has two elements containing only the 6Li isotope and two elements containing the 7Li isotope. The 6Li isotope is neutron as well as photon sensitive, the 7Li isotope is only photon sensitive. The neutron fraction is then determined from the difference of the two isotopes.

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