If you carry out radiation protection monitoring in your company with your own management software, we can also offer you the suitable solution of a modern data exchange (server to server; customer DB AWST DB). Upon your request, we will send you an interface specification to our database.

You can then adapt your management software so that the data of your database relevant for monitoring is matched directly and in the data package with the database in our monitoring service. As a preliminary info, you can find the terms of use for DosiCon here.

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Note on the use of DosiCon

We always try to provide you with a maximum of service within the scope of our and the general technical possibilities. Nevertheless, occasional problems may occur, which, however, only in exceptional cases have their cause in our sphere of influence.

The DosiCon interface you use is a system-to-system interface offered by AWST for electronic data exchange between customer-specific radiation protection software and the internal management system of your dosimetry service (AWST). It provides direct access to data relevant to the performance of official personal dosimetry and offers functions for managing operational, personal and dosimeter data. Data exchange takes place via a secure Internet connection, whereby the data itself is always transmitted in encrypted form.

Wir als Anbieter der DosiCon-Schnittstelle können jedoch nur für das Verantwortung übernehmen, was in unserem Einflussbereich liegt. Konkret bedeutet dies, dass unsererseits keine Garantie oder Gewährleistung für die Funktionsfähigkeit des Datenaustauschs übernommen wird.
Die Verantwortung für die ordnungsgemäße Funktion der Datenübertragung obliegt dem Hersteller der eingesetzten Software des Kunden.

Activation for the use of the DosiCon interface can only be granted if the customer accepts the terms of use.